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UX designs and Wireframe tools

Feb 1, 2013   //   by contactng   //   Ideas that works!  //  No Comments

Today got a task to draw wireframe prototype for a project, at first didn’t knew what is Wireframe, quoted,


“Like most things today, the world of interaction design moves quickly. Although a pen and notebook may suffice when it comes to simply jotting down ideas, planning a series of website screens can sometimes demand additional precision and cohesion.”


Hence began my search for best tool and land up with below findings, hope it may serve the purpose.


Some decent and creative UX design examples are available at following links,


Now to begin with Wireframe, you need tools, there are multiple free tools available and have pro paid versions as well, please find list below,


The one I used is it provides desktop as well as web based version, it is flash based hence can be used on flash supported machine.


Other tools are,





frame box






Simple Diagrams

iPhone Mockup



There are many other tools you can find from website listed above, figure out one which suits your needs and build better UX designs!


Go, think, create!



Configure WordPress Multisite on Windows Server

Dec 24, 2012   //   by contactng   //   Blogging Tips, Ideas that works!  //  No Comments

I am trying to setup WordPress multisite on my client windows server, please find below some useful tips and how this can be achieved with useful references,

As Microsoft has built Windows web platform Installer utility using which you can centrally manage and install various tools useful for web development. For WordPress also they have provided app which takes care of installing all pre-requisites with ease (but mind it, this is for single blog installation and no instructions available to make it multisite).


Extend your Wi-Fi Router range: Using home made Parabolic Reflectors!

May 14, 2012   //   by NG   //   Ideas that works!  //  1 Comment

You might have thought of buying multiple Wi-fi routers and then putting them altogether in multiplier mode to just get range extended by few meters to cover your big house or a building, here below I came across few great articles which helped me to build my own reflector which saved me cost of buying multiple Routers, I just used my existing router, made the parabolas and got range extended to zones where signals were not reaching previously. Making reflectors is just a work of few minutes and you are done!


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