CloudFlare issue: I keep seeing My Site is Offline!

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First of all what is CloudFlare, CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online; you can manage your DNS settings at one place and block threats and abusive crawlers. It’s tag line is “Give us 5 minutes and we will SUPERCHARGE your website”

I am using free plan and it supports cloudflare, after configuring cloudflare I keep on seeing “My Site is offline” error messages, most of the time it is genuine case as server is down but in few cases it is false alert as well, I search clouflare wiki and found soem useful article hope those can solve your purpose as well.

Two possible cases,

  • Your server or hosting provider is having issues
  • Your server or hosting provider is not having issues, but either your hosting provider or server is limiting or blocking connections from CloudFlare IPs

    Testing Procedures,

    Test 1) Try accessing the following subdomain for your website (i.e If it didn’t works out then issue is with hosting provider

    Test 2) Run the following curl command in Terminal or Putty:

    curl -v -H ‘Host:’ server IP address So, as an example: curl -v -H ‘Host:’

    Tip: You can get your server IP address from your CloudFlare DNS Settings page.

    If the curl returns an error message like “can’t connect to host” or “500 internal server error”, then the issue is with your server or hosting provider. Please contact your hosting provider for assistance.

    Read more on link provided above is Test 2 is your issue

    Test 3) Make sure that you’re operating off of the most recent versions of Bad Behavior or mod_security. mod_security’s core rules aren’t blocking CloudFlare requests.


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