Configure WordPress Multisite on Windows Server

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I am trying to setup WordPress multisite on my client windows server, please find below some useful tips and how this can be achieved with useful references,

As Microsoft has built Windows web platform Installer utility using which you can centrally manage and install various tools useful for web development. For WordPress also they have provided app which takes care of installing all pre-requisites with ease (but mind it, this is for single blog installation and no instructions available to make it multisite).

Once you download and install this app, it will download SQL Server express edition, mysql, php, IIS express edition, wordpress, URL relocator, etc. and it is piece of cake thereafter for single blog (

Now if you try to make it multisite then you will face various problems, like by default webmatrix will configure a port for the blog like http://localhost:52422/ but for multisite to work, it should be hosted on port 80 (default port), hence this is bit challenging and difficult to achieve. Please find below some useful references where people solved this issue,

By using XAMPP:

But you may face issues and not able to do above way.

So I found alternative ways to achieve this on MAC and WINDOWS using Bitnami WordPress stack (Stacks are available for both standalone and multisite env),

Wiki link for instructions:

This stack will install – WordPress, mysql, php, apache server and make it piece of cake for you to bring server up and running in minutes.

Must Read:

10 ways to setup WordPress Environment in MAC and Windows:

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