How to resize column view in Finder in MacOSx Lion

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You may find sometime annoying that in column view i.e. “View as Column” setting, Finder is not displaying the full folder names and everytime you need to just drag the column width temporarily, so it fits. Oddly enough, the next time you open up Finder, the column width goes back to the default setting. Please find some tips to do this with much more ease,

Temporary Solution,

1. In Finder, if you “Option-double-click” that icon, then all columns will be “right sized” to the maximum width necessary to display the longest item in the column. Now if you close and reopen same folder, then settings will be gone.
2. There’s a contextual menu hiding under the column resize widget, too. Just “Control-click” on it, and three choices will appear:

finder right size

Permanent Solution,

If you want to change the width permanently, then press “Alt/Option” key while resizing. This will not only resize all columns at once, but also makes the new width the default setting for all windows.


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