Lightroom Essential keyboard shortcuts!

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Here is list of some essential default keyboard shortcuts which can help you speed up your lightroom workflow,

Before this you should know some keywords about lightroom which are,

Menu Bar


Work Area

Left and Right Panels


Film Strip 


Some useful keyboard shortcuts pertaining to above section and overall Lightroom features,

Press “t” – Hide/Show Toggle 

Press “x” – Apply Reject Flag to a photo i.e. Reject

Press “p” – Flag a photo i.e. Pick

Press “u” – Unflag photos i.e. Unpick

Numeric Keys “1-5″ – To give star rating to photographs (for e.g. 1 for 1 start and 5 for 5 star)

Numeric Key “0” – to remove any star rating

Numeric Key “6-9″ – To Color Label a photograph, each key represent different color label (To remove color label press same key again)

Press “TAB” – Hide/Show Side Panels

Press “Shift + Tab” – Hide/Show All Panels

Press “fn + F5″ – Hide/Show Area on Top

Press “fn + F6″ – Hide/Show Area on Bottom

Press “fn + F7″ – Hide/Show Area on Left

Press “fn + F8″ – Hide/Show Area on Right 

Press “F” – Toggle FullScreen

Press “L” – Turn ON/OFF Lights behind photograph

Press “cmd + m” – To minimize the lightroom

Press “cmd + shift + i” – To bring up import panel

Press “g” – Grid View

Press “e” – Loupe View

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