Lightroom has encountered problems reading this JPEG photo

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In case you have encountered this error i.e. “Lightroom has encountered problems reading this JPEG photo“, then do following,

1. Run disk checker utility; if you are using Mac, then run disk utility and verify the disk, if you are lucky enough then disk utility will not display any error and you can proceed to next step, otherwise if it reports any error like “some bad sectors”, then you need to take immediate action, which should be taking backup of your files and fixing the disk error (for mac users, check my article to use Recovery HD on Lion)

2. If disk report is fine and problem persists then try to fix the problem by using another image program to load the image & save it again on disk; once saved you can reload it in Lightroom, this time it should open fine; in case issue still persist you can move to step 3.

3. Try one of the JPEG validators available on internet, though complete JPEG validation is more of an art than a science.

4. Last but not least there might be issue with external HD (if you are using one to load images in Lightroom), there are chances that connecting cable is faulty or not connected properly; hence close Lightroom >> disconnect external HD >> reconnect HD >> open lightroom again >> syncronise folder in Library module, hopefully issue should get resolve. 

Above steps should identify underlying issue or fix it, in case not, then do some of research on adobe forums and do post them in comments section.



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