Paragon NTFS for Mac – How to get it free

Dec 11, 2017   //   by NG   //   MacOSx Tips  //  No Comments

Today while trying to play around with NTFS support in MAC, stumbled across article for best tools to achieve this and while testing found Paragon-Softwares NTFS for Mac, it was easy to setup and in comparison to purchase is just $19.99, but I wanted something more cheaper (free tools are there but they pose security risk), so came across howtogeek article and found a very nice link of seagate which states that seagate provide this tool for free, I was really amazed that how come I never discovered this earlier, I used to ignore the tools which comes with with seagate drives, anyway, the gist of this article is how you can get it free, so it’s simple, attach any of your seagate drive, go to below link, download the setup and run it, it will install with a breeze (if you already have it installed, no need to install as setup will replace it automatically), once installed, no need to provide any serial, etc., it comes unlocked.


Hope you will find this article useful and save some money and avoid piracy 😉

Enjoy and thanks Seagate!

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