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Scribefire error – Well, this is embarrassing…

Mar 10, 2012   //   by NG   //   Blogging Tips  //  No Comments

Scribefire is a good blogging tool, you can blog directly via your browser, what else you need… :) Now after installing and configuring it in your browser, you may get stuck while adding a wordpress blog under “Add a new blog”, you may recieve following error when attempting to configure a WordPress/BLOGGER account, just after entering blog link like “”:


Well, this is embarrassing...

While trying to determine your blog's settings, ScribeFire tripped over this code: UNKNOWN_BLOG_TYPE or Denied_Access

You're welcome to try and configure your blog manually.


Best blogging tools portable/desktop for Windows!

Nov 4, 2011   //   by NG   //   Blogging Tips  //  6 Comments

Today, I did some deep research on the available blogging tools for Windows, there are several freewares available in market and if soemone is interested, he can build a web empire out of such tools 😉 please find analysis of tools below collected from several websites,

First I will take you through portable blogging tools for Windows, these tools are helpful on the Go and can be loaded directly from pendrive on any system running Windows, this effort is in direction to make my blogging Machine Independent so I could use any PC with a USB port and Internet access from which to blog.


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