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Before cursing yourself on treks for not packing what should have been packed and instead inflating your sack with junk! Below is a checklist which describe things that should be carried on your shoulders, for e.g. a day-trek in Sahyadri.

Water – A must! Along with at least a litre bottle, preferably also a smaller bottle hidden somewhere, for emergency.

First Aid – Dettol, cotton, micropore bandage (you can wrap it quickly and it stays in place when you walk), antiseptic powder (Cipladine is my favourite), pain relief spray (I prefer Relispray), pain relief tablet (Crocin / Anacin), mild ointment (Kailas Jeeven is the best), Glucon-D.

Eatables – Dates (soaked in Ghee!) give you energy. Lemon and salt. Corn (shallow fried or cooked). Grated Amla (and salted.. umm… yummy!). Parle Glucose biscuits provide ready energy when taken with water.

Tools – Safety pins, nail-cutter (very useful to pick thorns), needle and thread, rubber bands, scissor, newspaper (to eat on, sit, sleep, protect from cold, amongst other uses), plastic carry bags, Cap/Glares (Cap helps more than glares anytime)

Money – money in your wallet as well as some obscure sack pocket. Wear some not-so-costly ornament like a chain or a ring. It can’t protect you when you are robbed but can save life if everything is lost.

Cloth – A clean scarf or an odhani, preferably cotton and sufficiently long. This is multi-utility and you never know when you need it! You can use it for shade, to wrap around foot if footwear creates a problem, to wrap around a wound, to tie around your waist for support, to replace a loose belt. Most important is to filter the water and Chlorowet to purify it further.

Lighting material – A torch as well as a matchbox and some candles.

Contact Info – When there are difficult patches along the trek, take some contact numbers from base village.

Please do add if missed anything.

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