Working with Recovery HD in MACOSx Lion

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While working with Lion OSx you may sometimes find yourself in difficult situations like disk utility reported HD errors, file system is corrupt, etc etc. which requires you to boot your system in recovery mode. Now while working with one such situation when I found one of my jpeg file was found corrupt, I enquired disk utility and it reported “Incorrect number of file hard links” error, now when i tried rebooting Lion OSx in recovery HD mode using instructions provided by Apple i.e. Restart your mac and keep “command +R” pressed until Apple logo appears; now while dong this I always got stuck At grey screen with “no entry” signboard. It was a difficult situation but m good luck was that my HD was still working on normal reboot, so I did some research and found few solutions, please use them if found useful,

1. Make sure your EFI firmware is upto date, if your mac is 2010+ by using following link –
Note: this is required in case you are interested in installing Lion directly from internet if you lost your HD


2. Make sure you create an external Lion Recovery HD as well by downloading utility “Lion Recovery Disk Assistant v1.0″ from following link; you need atleast 1GB pendrive for same

3. This option can be tried at first also, but I am writing at las because if you are stuck in between then first two options can help you save some unnecessary hastles :) In this option, shutdown your Mac and start it by keeping “option” key pressed, now you will find all options visible i.e. Your native Mac Volume, your Bootcamp parition (if any), Recovery HD partition, if external hard drive is connected then same; now if supported then you will also see connect wi-fi option which is usefl in reinstallion Lion from apple servers; first select “recovery HD” and open disk utility and try to fix errors, if not fixed then reinstall your OSx uaing Time machne backup or from apple server or using Lion installer from external USB disk

I solved my issue using point 3 but I ensured first two steps are complete as well for now and future :)

Hope it may solve issues for few of you who may land up in same situation.

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