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Indian rail – RAC,WL,RLWL,PQWL,General waitlist meanings

I was searching for meaning of these, below are my findings,


RAC – Reservation against Cancellation

WL – Wait list

RLWL – Remote location wait list

PQWL – Pool Quota wait list

General Wait List and WL are one and the same

A small look at the back ground. In Railways advance reservations are permitted for journeys in all classes on first come first served basis. All those who can be given confirmed accommodation are given the same on that basis. After this RAC list is prepared which means that you will get confirmed accommodations against the cancellation of previously reserved ticket/s. In a sleeper class coach where there are 72 berths, 63 berths are allotted as confirmed accomodation as described. Remaining 9 berths are allotted for 18 RAC passengers. Once you have RAC status you are assured of one seat in the reserved coach. (18 seats made by folding the side lower berth).

After allotting the RAC, if further demand for reservation is available, such passengers are given WL status. The waitlisted passengers get upgraded to RAC and confirmed status in case of cancellations of reserved accommodations. The waitlisted passengers are not given any seat in the reserved coaches and they can cancel their ticket and purchase a general un reserved ticket (at a lower cost) to continue their journey.

RLWL and PQWL are best described in the previous answers. PQWL is given normally for short distance and is unlikely to get confirmed (unless there is an available berth fully vacant or which can be linked to the entire route of the train).

Remote Location (RLWL) Quota is based at any of the important stations enroute and it provides for the passengers between the originating station and terminating station. Incase this Quota is less, there will be RAC after Confirmed seats are exhausted and RLWL starts after this

Also, when anybody sees the WL in the Web Site, first of all check-up the Total Quota from

(a) Originating Station to Terrminating Station and also

(b) from the Intermediate Station to any other Intermediate Station/Terminating Station – definitely both will be different.


@@@When the Total Quota under (b) gets exhausted, the RLWL will commence. As I have already explained earlier, the chances for confirmation of those in RLWL will be against:

(i) cancellations from out of the confirmed bookings took place in the Intermediate Station-Terminating Station Quota;

(ii) cancellations from out of confirmed bookings under Originating Station-Intermediate Station or short of Intermediate Station; from where the passenger under RLWL intends to get into the train.

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