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How to find information of a landline number in UK

Today I was struggling to find location of a landline number I have, I want this to confirm identity of a person, after lot of reasearch found following good links which can help locating a number. Apart from these free services there are paid websites which charges heftely to reveal identity of a number, I have not used them but various reference available online to get more advice.

Links which I found free and useful,

UK phone locator: Website which can tell the exact location of phone and the carrier,

BT phone directory:

Wiki How link:

Excerpt from above:

Below are some steps you can take to gather information surrounding and trace the subscriber details (name and address) behind a given UK home phone or mobile number. This can be useful if you’re receiving unwanted nuisance calls or harassing texts and need to track down who is behind it.

Start looking over BT whitepages. If you’re dealing with a landline number in the United Kingdom and trying to identify the owner’s name and address, the first place to start is looking over BT’s Whitepages. You can search a subject with as little as a surname and city/partial post code.

Identify the carrier. If you’re dealing with a mobile number, the first thing to do is identify the carrier of the mobile number in question. You can do this by visiting the locator or the mobile carrier list. Knowing the carrier of the offending number is a very helpful piece of information to have if you’re reporting a nuisance call to the police, and should be able to help them speed up the process of stopping the harassment.

Hire an investigator. If all else fails, there are professional private investigators who specialize in the reversal of unpublished UK landline and mobile numbers. (Examples include: http://www.phonesearchcentral.co.uk & http://www.investigativeresources.co.uk/)